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Maternity care

From the moment you discover you're pregnant through your delivery and beyond, the friendly staff at The Women's Center of Baptist Health La Grange will listen to your needs and work closely with you to personalize your birth experience. We want your delivery to be as unique as the package.

Maternity facilities

When we redesigned The Women's Center, we listened to our mothers and added the features our patients wanted -- such as all private rooms and more LDR rooms. Baptist Health La Grange is proud to offer the maternity facilities today's growing families expect, including:

  • LDR Rooms. Baptist Health La Grange has three LDR rooms where you may labor, give birth and recover (for about an hour) until you and your baby are ready to be moved to your room. Each LDR room is furnished with a birthing bed, telephone, television, private bath and recliner for your support person.
  • All-private rooms. You will be cared for in Baptist Health La Grange's Women's Center after you have recovered from the delivery. The Women's Center features all-private rooms so you can spend quiet time together as a family during your hospital stay. Each room is comfortably furnished with a telephone, television, private bath and sleeper chair.
  • Newborn nursery. Your baby will be assessed and lovingly cared for in the newborn nursery after birth.

Personalized attention

From the time you enter the labor and delivery suite until the time you and your new baby go home, your whole family can expect to receive care and education from a compassionate, professional staff. At Baptist Health La Grange, we offer mother/baby care. That means you'll have your very own team of nurses who will be with you throughout the entire delivery process, from labor to recovery. One nurse will take care of both you and your baby during each shift, and be there to answer your questions about caring for yourself and your newborn.

Options to make your childbirth experience unique

Baptist Health La Grange also offers you many options to customize your childbirth experience, including:

  • Visitation in Labor & Delivery. In addition to a spouse, coach or close friend, two additional people may accompany you in the labor room with a physician's or nurse's approval.
  • Capturing the big event on film. The birth of a child provides many moments for the family scrapbook -- photos or videos that will be cherished for many years. Both cameras and hand-held video cameras are permitted during the first stage of labor and immediately following delivery. Photographic equipment may not be used during the actual delivery, Cesarean section or during anesthetic procedures.
  • Anesthesia available 24 hours a day. An anesthesia provider is available to all Labor & Delivery patients 24 hours a day. Options for laboring mothers at Baptist Health La Grange include:
    • Analgesia such as stadol and nubain that take the edge off pain, dulling it so the mother can relax. These agents do not eliminate the pain completely. Stadol and nubain are injected into a vein (via an IV), a muscle (via an injection), or subcutaneous tissue (via an injection). Stadol and nubain are given during early labor if delivery is not expected within two hours of administration.
    • Regional blocks such as an epidural or spinal, that can reduce the discomfort of labor and provide either analgesia or anesthesia. Epidurals and spinals are administered in the lower back by an anesthesiologist. Epidurals may be given when the mother's cervix has dilated to four centimeters. Epidurals provide pain relief from the abdomen down and may be used for labor, vaginal delivery or Cesarean section delivery. A spinal block may be used for a Cesarean delivery.
    • Local anesthesia may be injected into the vaginal or rectal areas by your obstetrician at the time of delivery. Local anesthesia is used to ease the pain of delivery or to numb the perineum if an episiotomy incision is done to assist the delivery of the baby. Pudendal blocks numb the lower vagina and perineum.
  • Rooming-in is offered to families who want to personally participate in giving extended care to their babies. If you do not choose to room-in and while you are sleeping or showering, your newborn will be lovingly cared for in our nursery.
  • Feeding schedule. If you choose to have your baby cared for in the nursery, the baby will be brought to you for scheduled or "demand" feedings, depending on your preference.
  • Visiting. Visiting hours are structured to allow your family and friends to be with you on a convenient schedule, as well as give you a chance to rest during your hospital stay:
    1. Fathers are not considered visitors and may be with you and the baby whenever possible. The father OR one other adult may stay with you overnight.
    2. Any well adult or child over age 13 may visit you and the baby in your room. If your visitor is not feeling well or requests a mask, the visitor should not be around the baby. Please ask your nurse to take your baby to the nursery until your visit is over.
    3. Only your children (the baby's brothers and sisters) may visit the baby in your room. Please make sure they wash their hands. Cousins and neighbor's children may view the baby through the nursery windows. Please don't expose your baby to siblings who are sick.
    4. Family and friends add much excitement to this happy occasion. However, if you are too tired to receive visitors or want your visitors limited, please let your nurse know.
    5. We ask that all visits be concluded by 8:30 p.m.

Prenatal classes to give expectant parents the confidence they need

Expectant parents often don't know what to expect. The Women's Center at Baptist Health La Grange offers several classes to help you make the choices that are right for you and your baby -- from prenatal care to breast-feeding tips and sibling classes. You can even register for classes online. Prenatal classes offered are:

  • All About Labor, which covers the signs, symptoms and stages of labor, pain management, the process of delivery and the recovery period;
  • Anesthesia, which covers information anesthesia options, their benefits and risks. Taught by a certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA);
  • Postpartum and Newborn Care, which provides information on self-care after delivery and newborn care;
  • Breastfeeding Your Newborn, provides tips and advantages of breastfeeding, and meeting the infant's nutritional needs; and
  • Sibling Class, to help children ages 3 to 11 feel "special" and part of the new baby's (or babies'!) arrival.

For more information about The Women's Center of Baptist Health La Grange or for physician referral, call the Baptist Health La Grange Physician Referral Service at (502) 222-DOCS (3627) or toll-free at 1-888-222-8071. Register for classes by calling one of the above numbers, by email at, or online. Make check-in for delivery quicker and easier by registering online for your stay on The Women's Center.