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Rehab & Skilled Care


The Baptist Health La Grange Rehab & Skilled Care Unit provides patients Transitional Care at Baptist Northeastwho have had an illness or injury but no longer need to be hospitalized with a place to receive continued skilled care until they are able to care for themselves or move to another appropriate care setting.

Types of medical problems suitable for care on the unit include:

  • Heart and lung conditions;
  • Tracheotomies;
  • Wounds that aren't healing well or need special care;
  • IV or nutritional therapy;
  • Recovery from major surgery, such as an amputation, joint replacement, vascular or abdominal operation; and
  • A need for rehabilitation therapies, such as physical, speech or occupational therapy.

Rehab & Skilled Care services are provided regardless of race, religious preference, sex, age, disability, color or national origin. Most residents stay on the unit between 10 and 30 days.

The 30-bed unit is designed with your comfort in mind. All-private rooms with home-like furnishings, color televisions, in-room phones and prominently placed calendars and clocks make it seem more like a hotel than a hospital. Also included on the unit are:

  • Activity/dining room
  • Rehabilitation rooms
  • Tub room
  • Rehab gym
  • Outdoor courtyard

Meet the Rehab & Skilled Care team

You may receive a variety of different services during your stay on the Rehab & Skilled Care Unit, depending on your medical needs. Most therapies are provided six days a week. Members of your care team may include:

Admission coordinator

The Rehab & Skilled Care Unit's admission coordinator meets with you and your family when you are admitted to the unit. The admission coordinator's job is to help you make a smooth transition from an acute care hospital bed to the Rehab & Skilled Care Unit by working with the hospital, your physician and your insurance company to make sure all conditions of admission are met. He or she will continue to check on your insurance coverage during your stay.


Throughout your stay, your own personal physician may supervise your care. If your personal physician cannot be directly involved in your treatment, we will assist you in finding a doctor to oversee your care.


The Rehab & Skilled Care Unit is staffed by registered nurses, licensed practical nurses and certified nursing assistants. The nursing staff will work with your physician and other members of your treatment team to develop a plan of care and meet your medical nursing needs.

Physical therapist

Physical therapy (PT) is a rehabilitative service which strives to:

  • Improve movement;
  • Decrease pain;
  • Heal a wound;
  • Help heal an injury; and
  • Help you adapt to a disability and perform everyday activities such as getting into and out of bed, transferring from a bed to a wheelchair, etc.

Your doctor will order physical therapy for you if needed.

Occupational therapist

Occupational therapy (OT) consists of activities and exercises which use the mind and muscles together. It may be ordered for you to maximize your independence with daily activities such as:

  • Bathing;
  • Dressing;
  • Feeding yourself;
  • Cooking;
  • Cleaning; and
  • Money management.

Occupational therapists can also help you and your family decide if you need special equipment, such as grab bars or tub seats, to make your activities of daily living easier and safer when you go home.

Speech pathologist

If your illness or injury has caused communication or swallowing difficulties, your doctor may order therapy from a speech-language pathologist. The goals of speech pathology (ST) can include:

  • To recover as much of your normal communication skills as possible;
  • To help you and your family become comfortable and skilled with new ways to communicate; and
  • To help you overcome swallowing difficulties through strengthening exercises and safe swallowing techniques.


A chaplain is available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. for spiritual guidance, support and counsel. You may also contact the clergy from your own parish or church to visit you while you are a resident of the Rehab & Skilled Care Unit and to provide appropriate sacramental ministry. Worship services and Bible study sessions are also provided.

Nutritional services

The Rehab & Skilled Care Unit offers a varied menu with a choice of entrees at every meal. Each day, a menu form will be provided for you to mark your selections. If you are on a special diet, you will receive menus tailored to your special needs. Lunch and dinner are served in the Activity/Dining Room to allow residents to socialize and get acquainted. Bedtime snacks are also available daily.

Activities director

As a part of your care, you will receive leisure support through programs planned by the unit's Activities Director. The goal is to help you develop an independent leisure lifestyle which takes into account your interests, needs and abilities. Both individual and group activities are offered.

Pharmacist services

While you are a resident, a pharmacist will review your medications for appropriateness and potential reduction and make recommendations to the team which is caring for you.

Additional services

It is important that our residents receive all the care and services necessary to improve or maintain their health. Other services such as audiology, podiatry or eye care (optometry, ophthalmology) can be arranged by contacting the Clinical Coordinator.

Life on the Rehab & Skilled Care Unit

Care plans

In an effort to meet every resident's needs, the Rehab & Skilled Care Unit reviews each resident's individual care plan on a regular basis. During these reviews, the nursing, dietary, activity/social service and rehabilitative staff discuss the overall plan of care to determine resident goals and decide how we can work together to best meet those goals. The resident and/or a family member are invited to attend the review of the resident's care plan to share any ideas or concerns you may have. The Admission Coordinator will ask you upon admission if you would be interested in attending this meeting and will set a date and time for it.

Clothing and personal belongings

During your stay on the Rehab & Skilled Care Unit, you are encouraged to dress in street clothes as if you were at home. You will need items that are easy to get on and off and easy to move around in during therapy. Women are encouraged to wear pants instead of dresses. Jogging outfits or sweatsuits are particularly comfortable for the activities you might be doing. You should have a one-week supply of pants, shirts, underclothes, socks, shoes and pajamas or gowns, as well as appropriate toiletries. We recommend that you mark all of your clothing for identification.

We encourage residents to furnish their rooms with familiar personal possessions such as pictures, flowers, bedside chairs, etc. This helps to create a more home-like atmosphere for the resident while away from home.

If you have full or partial dentures, ask your nurse to supply you with a denture container. Please be sure to label the container with your name. If you wear eyeglasses or contact lenses, please put them in an appropriately labeled case and place them in the bedside cabinet when not wearing them. Baptist Northeast is not responsible for residents' personal belongings, such as clothing, hearing aids, dentures and eyeglasses.


Personal laundry may be done by the family or the facility, at no extra charge. All personal clothing must be labeled with the resident's name. Should you prefer that a family member or friend launder your personal clothing, we ask that a covered container be placed in the resident's bathroom to collect soiled clothing.


You should bring any equipment that you usually use at home to help you with any disabilities, such as braces, splints, canes, walkers, etc. to help our therapists assess your needs. Any electrical equipment you bring from home will need to be checked by our Engineering staff for safety before it can be used. Ask your nurse to make the arrangements.

Food from home

Family members and friends are welcome to bring you food from home as long as you are not on a restricted diet. Check with your nurse first. Any food brought into the unit must be kept in an airtight container and labeled with your name and the date it was brought in.

Patient relations/grievance process

If you have a special need or a problem during your stay on the Rehab & Skilled Care Unit, you are encouraged to contact the manager or social service designee. Also available is a grievance procedure form to document your complaint. Ask your nurse for this form. Our Patient Advocate is also available to respond to your needs by calling (502) 222-8660.


Your family can reach you at any time by calling 222-68 and the last two digits of your room number. You may make outgoing calls 24 hours a day.


Please leave money, jewelry and other valuables at home. If you find it necessary to bring them to the Rehab & Skilled Care Unit, please tell your nurse immediately so arrangements can be made for their safekeeping. Baptist Health La Grange will be happy to open a resident trust fund account for you for amounts over $50. Please contact the Rehab & Skilled Care Unit's social service designee for assistance with opening a trust fund account.


Visiting hours are flexible to allow family and friends to be involved in your recovery. Visitors of any age are welcome seven days a week. To make our environment as safe as possible, we ask that people not visit if they have communicable diseases such as an upper respiratory infection or strep throat.

Because the Rehab & Skilled Care Unit is your home for the duration of your stay, you are allowed visitors anytime unless otherwise ordered by your physician, at your request or if the visitor is causing a disturbance. For security reasons, visitors coming after normal visiting hours (11 a.m.-8:30 p.m.) are asked to enter and sign in at the Emergency Department.

Separation from pets can produce anxiety and hinder the resident's recovery; therefore, the Rehab & Skilled Care Unit allows pets to visit with prior approval of the admission coordinator. Pets should be housebroken, free of disease, on a leash and controlled at all times.

Going home

Although residents look forward to going home, sometimes it can be a little frightening. Both a clinical coordinator and a social services designee are available to help you make a smooth and safe transition back to the community. Service provided can include:

  • Information about other care options after your stay on the Rehab & Skilled Care Unit (nursing home, mini-home, etc.);
  • Referral to home health services for continued nursing, physical, occupational and/or speech therapies;
  • Information about and referral to social services in the community; and
  • Information about financial concerns.

Our clinical coordinator, in cooperation with all the care team members, helps residents and their families select the services that best fit their needs and make the necessary arrangements to implement the plan.

Members of the treatment team will also help you get ready to go home. If you have special nutritional needs, a registered dietitian will provide information and special diet instructions for you to follow during your recovery at home. If you will continue to need therapy, the clinicians will teach your family members how to help you. During these sessions, your family members will go through each therapy with you, learn why the treatment is needed and how to care for you at home. Your treatment team will also provide you with a list of equipment you will need at home and help you obtain it from an outside supplier.

About your bill

The Rehab & Skilled Care Unit's daily room rate covers charges for nursing care, meals, linen services, housekeeping and maintenance. Other charges may include special services ordered by your physician, such as physical therapy and medicine, or personal items such as body wash, lotion or powder. Your doctor will bill you separately for his or her services, and you will also be billed separately for hospital-based physician services such as interpretation of EKGs, X-rays and pulmonary (lung) testing.

Your insurance plan may not provide full coverage of your Rehab & Skilled Care Unit bill. Our admission coordinator will discuss your coverage with you before you are admitted and will continue to check on coverage throughout your stay.

You should receive your bill about four to five days after discharge. Once you have received your bill, all billing questions should be directed to Patient Accounts, (502) 222-5388.


To be admitted under Medicare, a resident must require a skilled level of care. This means that the resident needs daily inpatient care services that must be performed and/or supervised by a registered or licensed nurse or speech, occupational or physical therapist. The patient must also have a three-day qualifying stay in an acute inpatient facility.

State licensure

The Rehab & Skilled Care Unit is licensed by the Commonwealth of Kentucky and is periodically inspected by representatives from the Kentucky Department of Licensing and Regulation. The unit has consistently received very high ratings from the state.

For more information

For more information about the Rehab & Skilled Care Unit, call (502) 222-3376.

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